Message from the Principal

Welcome from the Principal, Diana Salvador

Thank you for your interest in Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School. It is an honour to serve the Sudbury Catholic District School Board in the largest K to 6 elementary school in the New Sudbury area. Since September 8th, 2015, when the school opened its doors for the very first time, Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School has been a safe, engaging and exciting learning environment for children, their parents, teachers, early childhood educators, educational assistants, and various community partners to work together towards deep understanding. We offer English programming, with a choice of second language study beginning in Grade 4 in French or Ojibway, along with French Immersion programming.

Relationships are central to the work of learning at Holy Trinity Catholic Elementary School. We work actively to create an inclusive learning community for students and adults. We believe this is essential in order to foster mutual respect, engagement, responsibility, and empathy both in our school community and in the world our Catholic graduates will enter. We give voice and respect to all people and welcome those whose minds and hearts are open to equity and diversity.

Holy Trinity students and teachers enjoy a relationship of trust, caring, and compassion, which nurtures an important sense of security for our young learners. Our school building encompasses Teddy Bear Daycare, which provides childcare for infants through to pre-school age, along with Before & After School programming. Beginning as early as kindergarten students work collaboratively to construct knowledge and contribute their understandings to the class community. Our graduates will leave us after Grade 6 confident and eager to continue their commitment to learning. They may put these lifelong gifts into practice at our sister school across the street, St. Charles College, or at Marymount Academy located in the center of town.

We work conscientiously to make a positive impact in the education of young students, those who teach them and their families. We welcome you and we value our connection with you!



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Our Mission

"To realize each student’s potential within our inclusive Catholic learning community by nurturing and developing their mind, body and spirit. "

The Sudbury Catholic mission statement answers the questions who are we, and what do we do. Every organization needs to define its fundamental purpose, philosophy, and values. Our mission statement explains why our organization exists, and describes the needs our organization was created to fill.

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