* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Diana Salvador Principal
Christine Mccracken Vice Principal
Beverly Bertuzzi Secretary
Candace Broughton Secretary
Tammy Rychlo JK-Grade 6
Susan Belli Grade 1
Angela Fowke Grade 1
Sally Rallis Grade 1
Mariella Merigioli Grade 2
Christine Lye Grade 2 & 3
Jody Tompkins Grade 2 & 3
Karen Healy Grade 3
Martine Hoeg Grade 3 & 4
Ines Moretta Grade 4
Jennifer Skelly Grade 4
Robert Dagostino Grade 5
Mark Gauthier Grade 6
Kevin Krystia Grade 6
April Abbott Early Child Ed.
Domenic Vicedomini Early Child Ed.
Kelly Ann Beaton Full Day Kinderg
Jennifer Pawlowski Full Day Kinderg
Dominique Yasko Full Day Kinderg
Dawn Fielding Native Studies
Chad Laurin Prep Time
Amanda Moores Prep Time
Irena Begic Resource
Mary-Kathleen Belanger Resource
Derick Perron Resource
Anthony Rocchio Resource
Rosemary Tripodi Resource
Valerie Levac Grade 1 & 2
Nancy Bellemare-Perron Grade 3
Martine Shydlowsky Grade 3
Jenny Chevrier Grade 4
Chantal Therrien Grade 5 & 6
Celine Boulet Early Child Ed.
Jeanne Laforest-Turgeon Early Child Ed.
Angele Savignac Early Child Ed.
Julie Rome FCI
Chanda Cresswell Full Day Kinderg
Jessica Martin Full Day Kinderg
Nicole Rancourt Educational Assistant
Stephanie Taus Educational Assistant
Jean-Marc Joanisse Custodian
Line Leduc Assistant Custodian
Jeffrey Kapowsky Cleaner
Tristen Major Cleaner
Jeanenne Berney Lunch Room Supervisor
Joanne Demore Lunch Room Supervisor
Patrick Faubert Lunch Room Supervisor
Dorota Jaworski Lunch Room Supervisor
Cherryl Kenwell Lunch Room Supervisor
Ann Macdonald Lunch Room Supervisor
Marlene Stochmal Lunch Room Supervisor
Gerda Weiss Lunch Room Supervisor
Anna Winiarska-Poitras Lunch Room Supervisor
Carole Talevi Lunch Room Supply

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